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Sell a good nights sleep - not the mattress.

Make it simple, make it memorable.

There's a brilliant quote by David Ogilvy which is "Consumers do not buy products - they buy product benefits." This is SO true, especially when it comes to online sales...

Think outside the box, thing about what you would like to read if you were a customer, people prefer to buy from people - by getting a personality behind the screen you will have a much higher conversation rate, I promise you.

How we can help...

We understand that people get busy with their work and home life, and although you'd love to get stuck in and write the content for your new website, you may not always have the time... We also get clients that come to us for our copy-writing service simply due to them not feeling confident enough to do it themselves or they have no idea where to begin, this is where we come in to help.

While we may not work in your industry every day, we do know how to approach written content on the web and write compelling, enticing material geared for your target audience. At Red Cloud Agency we have a highly talented team of London based writers that can help on your journey to success. Our writers have an eye for detail and know how to engage a wide range of audiences.

Keywords will also be included within your written content - they will be well placed and thoroughly researched meaning your Google ranking and online presence should greatly increase.


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