Top 5 Tips For Building Brand Awareness

It should go without saying that brand awareness is crucial to the success of your brand. Are you slogging over your site, promoting left, right and centre and still not getting much recognition?

Check Out These 5 Tips For Improved Brand Awareness

1) Brand Message

Develop a clear and consistent brand message and use it!

What is your brands message? Has it evolved or become convoluted over time? Go back to your roots and figure out why you created your brand in the first place. Your brands message should be as recognisable as the logo so be consistent.

2) Logo

Your logo needs to be distinctive.

It should get across your message at a glance and the two should become entwined in the eye of your users.
It should be easily recognisable and optimised to be effective and representative of your brand across all platforms.

3) Stand Out From The Crowd

We all know what a tough market and online brand is facing. The seas are diluted, and the competition is fierce.

What is it about your brand that makes it unique among similar brands? Play on this, maximise your uniqueness to stand out from the sea.

4) Don’t Break Your Promise

Your brand is your promise.

Do not break this, you need to consistently meet your customers expectations of you (or exceed them)
By consistently offering a good user experience you’re also differentiating yourself from the crowd.

5) Increase Exposure

Update your site with the above features and make sure your audience know about it!

Direct, indirect, social media spread the word. Use as many platforms as possible but only as much as you can be consistent with, a Pinterest site with one post doesn’t look great. Blog on your site to create a more personable and friendly side to your brand and share these across your platforms.

In Short…

Brand awareness is based on consistent quality. It’s a long game and not something you should expect to gain overnight so plan for the future.

infographic showing 5 tips for building brand awareness on a beige background with a yellow boarder and dark blue header

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