Social Media Marketing

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Why Use Social Media Marketing?

Social Media marketing helps build your audience and increase sales... 

It also helps to increase your company's online visibility and develop your company's brand awareness too. Think of social media as a platform that allows you to potentially advertise to a huge audience of all demographics, with clever advertising and marketing we can really help to boost your success.

Red Cloud agency identifies strategies for competing with other businesses within your market, along with sourcing deficiencies too. By doing this we will be able to target your ideal audience and compel them to take action; which could take the form of visiting your website, enquiring using your contact form or purchasing goods from your website.

How Do We Do This?

1) Establish Goals

We do this by auditing key performance indicators (KPI's) which ensures that your social media strategy is pushing your business towards an increase in sales, an improved public perception of your business, increased online visibility and enhance your brands awareness. We will also determine if social media is the right fit for your business.

2) Identify & Connect

We work collaboratively with our clients by establishing the online voice, tone and message that supports your brands identity the best. By doing so, we will be able to identify and utilise the most suitable social media channels and use an effective strategy to catch their attention.

3) Engage The Audience

Using persona driven strategies as part of your social media marketing will help guarantee the best outcome for the time and money invested in your online marketing strategy. Using a variety of online tools and company specific research, we’ll create a detailed social calendar to ensure a consistent and focused approach throughout your entire campaign.

4) Integrate

A solid social media campaign operates alongside other marketing initiatives. We create comprehensive plans that integrate your social campaigns to support all other online and offline marketing goals within your company.

5) Measure

We’re obsessed with data. We continually monitor the effects of your social campaign and keep you updated on the expansion of your network, whom is talking about your brand, which social channels are bringing you the most conversions, and so much more. This data helps refine our social strategy and creates a system that is constantly improving based on actionable analytical data.

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Responsive Web Design


All of the websites that we design, and build are multi device compatible; meaning that an optimal viewing experience is provided for your websites visitors. Which in turn also means less time spent zooming in and out, panning and scrolling; and more time looking at the important things on your website.

It also massively reduces the amount of people that leave the page due to it being poorly designed – all good reasons to invest in a web development company that provides responsive web design as standard.

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