SEO – How Can Your Meta Description Make The Difference?

Ranking highly on Google is a proven way of significantly increasing traffic to your website. But what part does the meta description play?

The meta description is the short summary that appears below the link on the Google results page. It is basically an advert for the website and needs to be written effectively advertising. You want the user to click your link.

an example of a meta description

"Your description tag can make a HUGE difference in your CTR (Click-Through Rate). So make sure to optimise that bad boy for clicks." Brian Dean -

"The primary goal of the meta description should be to earn the searchers click. Think of them like ad copy, and work to make searcher's care about your page." Rand Fishkin -

How To Create A Perfect Meta Description?

We’ve looked at what an ideal meta description contains and produced a 5 step guide:

1) First Word Is Key

An action orientated verb grabs attention so use one as the first word. Think of – Learn – Discover – Explore.

2) Explain What’s Next

It’s sounds so simple but it’s so crucial it’s worth repeating. Tell the user what they will see if they click on the link. Make it sound attractive and important.

3) Stay Below 155 Characters

A meta description needs to be short and sweet. Google measures in pixels rather than characters but a good guide is to aim for 155.

4) Use Your Keyword

Any keywords that feature in your meta will be highlighted in bold on the search results screen. Therefore using said keyword will grab a users attention.

5) Close With A Call To Action

A meta should always conclude with a call to action telling the reader exactly what to do. You could say ‘View now’ or ‘Learn more’. This clarity of instruction will boost your click-through rate.

SEO Strategies For Success

Your website’s traffic levels will experience a massive boost if you can employ an effective SEO strategy. Over time you will rise up the rankings on Google and other search engines.

If you think of your own online habits, how often do you use Google when you need to look up something? The vast majority of consumers do the same. Getting yourself visible by making the top of those rankings increases your profile.

Your meta though can make all the difference in whether that profile is converted into clicks. Brian and Rand know this industry back to front so pay heed to their words.

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