7 Ways To Improve Your Search Ranking In 2018

Your search ranking or SEO is a very important aspect of running a successful website. A good SEO plan will keep your site appearing on the first page of a google for any relevant searches.

Without an SEO plan you make it very difficult for users to find you site.

Check Out These 7 Ways To Rank In 2018

1) UX

The optimisation surrounding user experience is vague the ideal hasn’t yet been defined by Google. However, we do know that user experience is very important to your search engine optimisation plan.

UX is a measure of usability.

How easy is your site for people to navigate and find the information they’re looking for? IS it easy to share and bookmark?

Does it encourage users to take the next step in your desired user path and revisit?

2) Mobile Friendly

It’s absolutely imperative in 2018 that your website is responsive.

A responsive website is one that adapts to fit the screen size of a multitude of different devices. Sometimes referred to as fluid or elastic design.

A responsive website would fit neatly within the devices screen without the need for zooming in and doesn’t compromise the quality or legibility of the pages.

3) Reviews

Reviews make up 30% of how search engines rank your site.

They also offer credibility and legitimacy to your company.

80-90% of shoppers read reviews before buying online, which makes this even more critical for your ecommerce site.

4) Linkable Assets

Backlinks as we know them, represent a vote of confidence.

They show that other areas of the web have enough confidence in your site and the information you put out there to link their own site to it. The secret to back links is creating link worthy content.

These have been a ranking factor for a long time and will continue to be so. It’s a good way of building relationships with other sites within your industry.

It’s also good practice to offer links to other sites. Keep these relevant, to correlate information you’re sharing.

5) Speed

Load Time is another factor that has long been a ranking factor.

There are many factors that can contribute to a slow loading website. Heavy images, graphics and videos are one.

Another way to improve your load time is to clean up the sites code. Remove any defunct or junk code.

6) Keyword Optimisation

Keyword optimisation is researching the best industry related keywords that users would type into a search engine to bring up your site in the results.

The way we use keywords has changed over the years. As well as words we can now associate phrases and very specific sentences with our sites.

Be sure that your key words are very specific and relevant, its extremely off putting to have a site come up for an irrelevant search. This would also dramatically increase your bounce rate.

7) Rank Brain

Rank Brain is an AI bot algorithm used by Google.

This algorithm attempts to guess what users mean when searching and sort through the search results to bring back the most relevant.

Google recently revealed that RankBrain is the 3rd most important ranking factor. Its critical that you optimise your site for this.

Unfortunately, there are no tips or tricks to win favour with RankBrain. It’s all down to having good old fashioned high quality descriptive content and keywords.

To End…

SEO, like many other areas of running and managing a successful website, will keep changing. It evolves as technology evolves to offer the best user experience possible on the web as a whole.

To stay successful, you need to adapt with it!

Let us know in the comments section below what other SEO trends you think will come about this year!

infographic on an alternating black and white background with a black header showing the 7 ways to rank on google in 2018

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