Google Is Cracking Down!

Beware, spammy websites… Google is watching, and they know you`re out there!

So, Google has released its 2017 Web Spam report. Quite an interesting read but a long one at that, so I have saved you the trouble of deciphering it and added key important points below. It seems they have really cracked down on spammy websites being ranked in their search facility, well done!

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Highlights From The Report.

There have been many improvements in this years report, in fact less than 1% of users found themselves on a spammy website following a Google search, this has more than halved compared to previous years. Bravo!

  • The amount of hacked websites appearing in Google search results has fallen by 80% and cut link spam in the search results by almost half.
  • Google has dedicated spam teams which have been working extra hard on removing unnatural links using their ultra-precise algorithms and other manual actions.
  • A staggering 90,000 user reports of spammy results were acted upon and the search spam was removed.
  • 45 million messages were sent to registered website owns via the search console; 6 million of these were related to manual actions.

Here`s What Google Has To Say…

“We always want to make sure that when you use Google Search to find information, you get the highest quality results. But, we are aware of many bad actors who are trying to manipulate search ranking and profit from it, which is at odds with our core mission: to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. Over the years, we've devoted a huge effort toward combating abuse and spam on Search.”

“We’re also recognizing the importance of robust content management systems (CMSs). A large percentage of websites are run on one of several popular CMSs, and subsequently spammers exploited them by finding ways to abuse their provisions for user-generated content, such as posting spam content in comment sections or forums. We’re working closely with many of the providers of popular content management systems like WordPress and Joomla to help them also fight spammers that abuse their forums, comment sections and websites. Another abuse vector is the manipulation of links, which is one of the foundation ranking signals for Search.”


Well it seems that Google HQ well and truly has cracked down massively on spammy online behaviour. They`ve gone the extra mile to help ensure their search doesn’t get flooded with unrelated spam. I hope this continues to prove successful, maybe one day we`ll have a spam free internet? On second thoughts, that’s never going to happen!

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