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Effective SEO can make all the difference to your online success...

Through rigorous monitoring and data testing, our ethical, white-hat SEO services are proven to boost organic traffic and convert website visitors into loyal customers... Which is good news for our clients as this means more profit to their business! Here's a basic run down on how it works...

1) Search Engine Optimization

At Red Cloud Agency, we complete a 70 point SEO checklist to identify all opportunities and shortcomings that may contribute to your website’s rank in search engines. Whether we’re writing unique meta descriptions to increase click-through rates to your website or auditing pages for spammy links, our detailed search optimisation process yields a positive user experience from the moment you submit a search engine query.

2) Keyword Discovery

We begin our keyword research process by identifying top keywords in your industry derived from our discussions in house, competitor websites and keyword tools. We then research the competitive landscape using selected keywords to identify the types of content ranking on search result pages.

3) On-page Optimization

Using your newly discovered keyword sets, we will work hard to optimize specific on-page elements and meta data, which are important factors that help search engines understand the topic of your web pages. This can include things such as: writing unique alt, title, and description tags as well as adding schema markup. We also optimise your content through strategic internal linking and keyword placement.

4) Local SEO

Local business listings such as Google+ Business and Bing Local are crucial in generating local leads for small to medium businesses. They also rank extremely well when set up correctly. We fully optimize your local listings and provide actionable strategies to increase positive reviews as well as improve your online reputation and local engagement.

5) Website Analytics

We’ll set up advanced conversion tracking on your website to measure the success of your sales funnel. We analyse goals and metrics on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis to identify new opportunities and to be certain we are meeting your expectations.

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Responsive Web Design


All of the websites that we design, and build are multi device compatible; meaning that an optimal viewing experience is provided for your websites visitors. Which in turn also means less time spent zooming in and out, panning and scrolling; and more time looking at the important things on your website.

It also massively reduces the amount of people that leave the page due to it being poorly designed – all good reasons to invest in a web development company that provides responsive web design as standard.

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