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Blu OTC cryptocurrency platform designed and built by red cloud agency in london.

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Cryptocurrency Platform Website Design

Blu OTC is currently in the process of being made live. The website was designed and built to function as a cryptocurrency trading platform. The branding, logo design and colour-scheme were all very well thought out features of the website, all provided in house by Red Cloud Agency!

Blu offers OTC trading for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Stella Lumens, and Zcash.

Our London Based Over the counter (OTC) trading desk offers deep liquidity and complete privacy for block size trades of anything in excess of £50,000. Trades are executed directly against the counterpart so are not susceptible to slippage, nor do we have to be concerned with order book depth. We strive to ensure trades are settled immediately and are kept private.

Security in terms of personal data, and all assets is of utmost importance to us, and all measures are taken to ensure all is done to safeguard our clients.

Trading with Blu is conducted on a personalised basis. Through our online platform you interact directly with one of our experienced traders, where your trades are managed from first contact to settlement. All trades reach settlement as quickly as possible, subject to banking time restrictions.

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Our Values

  1. Hard Work
    In the web design industry, a work ethic is often confused with being passionate about one’s work. We believe passion is what brings us into the office at night or on the weekends—work ethic is what keeps us there, plugging away to hit deadlines and to guarantee our clients are ecstatic with our work.
  2. Collaboration
    Our in-house team of specialists in design, development, and digital marketing are able to control the big picture for our client’s marketing efforts. We have all the right pieces to build, optimise, and continually create and improve upon targeted content and marketing strategies—all under one roof.

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