Top 5 Marketing Trends For 2018

Marketing is the backbone of many brands. It pushes your services or product into the public conscious. Without marketing you’d be playing to an empty hall so to speak. The techniques are ever changing to become more effective.

Let’s Take A Look At Marketing Trends For 2018

1) Artificial intelligence

Gartner says by the end of 2018 over 30% of our online conversations will be aided by AI.

AI can be seen in many forms. Chat bots or ‘virtual customer assistants’ are becoming much more mainstream as seen on the shell website. It’s also being used for facial recognition, to recognise spam reviews which may hurt your brand and fraud prevention.

2) Viral Content

Viral content isn’t new, it’s been around as long as the internet.

However, marketing teams are aiming at this goal more than ever. One viral post/video/image has the power to make your brand famous.

3) Personalisation

Marketing teams are dropping the polished corporate façade.

They’re goal now is to become more human and personal with their audience. Consumers in 2018 want a ‘Story Telling’ narrative. Some thing that’s relatable or pulls on their heart strings further than just a company, is much more likely to be liked and shared.

4) Mobile First

Each year the audience using their smart devices to access the internet grows.

In 2018 this number is staggering. Creating a responsive website which can respond to any size device without compromising quality should be a priority.
Consumers will lose patience with a site they have to zoom in on, on their phones.

5) Influencer Marketing

Social Media influencers are huge business right now.

Influencers are peddling everything from luxury travel to vitamins. Influencers have their own devoted followings both niche and macro. This year we’ll see marketers tapping into this resource even more so.

Long Story, Short…

To keep your brand relevant and successful you need to keep your marketing tactics up to date. Use our handy guide as a basis to stay ahead of the game.
Let us know in the comments section below what marketing techniques work for you!

infographic on a grey and duck egg blue back ground alternating blocks of colour for each section depicting the top five marketing trends for 2018

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