10 Ecommerce Trends To Watch In 2018

Ecommerce is as diverse and accessible as it’s ever been.

It’s an ever-changing global market. It’s important to stay ahead of the game when it comes to ecommerce trends or you could see your site become outdated. Fast!

Here Are Our Trend Predictions For 2018

1)  Review Marketing

Reviews offer a layer of trust between yourself and the customer. Your users can see what other real people have bought and how they’ve found the product.

Even negative reviews will be beneficial to your site. By responding in a timely fashion, you can show your customers that you are willing to go out of your way for customer satisfaction.

Encourage reviews where possible.

2) User-Generated Content

User generated content is 20% more likely to influence potential customers than any other media posts.

Peer posts are a friendlier and more personable way to encourage potential visitors. You can see this in action on Instagram, where influencers are paid to promote products.

3) Triggered Emails

Spamming emails aren’t often well received.

However, well targeted and personalised emails can prompt customers to complete a purchase. Try emails pertaining to customers who have abandoned carts half way through check out with a small discount or free delivery.

4) AR And VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality have been on the incline since their inception. Now more affordable and accessible than ever. It is predicted they will hit the ecommerce market in a big way.

Sephora is already using augmented reality on their sites. Visitors can ‘try on’ different make up.

5) Digital Wallet Payments

Digital and e-payments are another trend that’s on the increase.
This type of payment is a convenience for shoppers.
This is also beneficial to your site as they easier a purchase is to make the more likely a customer is to make that purchase.

6) Chat Bots

Ecommerce is a 24 hour business. Customers often need assistance out of hours.
Chat bots are a feature which tackles this issue, making online shopping more appealing to customers.

7) Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat is the latest social media platform to be utilised for ecommerce.
Both social media influencers and companies are currently using the app to promote products with links for purchase. It’s another layer of exposure for ecommerce sites to add to their strategy.
We predict its utilisation will increase significantly this year.

8) Influencer Marketing

We’ve touched upon this upon previous sections. Influencers are already a huge part of ecommerce.
With more and more individuals jumping on Instagram and YouTube to make a name for themselves we predict this trend will blow up even further in 2018.

9) DIY Platforms And Distribution

DIY ecommerce platforms are offering customers the opportunities to become vendors.
The sites are fairly straightforward to distribute from. Coupled with digital payment we predict further DIY ecommerce sites to appear this year.

10) Rise Of Same Day Delivery

Localised dispatch centres are becoming more the norm. This enables products to be delivered in a quicker timeframe, which has become more common.
Retailers are becoming ever more competitive. We predict that the 3- 5 day delivery time will soon be obsolete.

These points can be used to update your ecommerce site and marketing strategies. Don’t get left behind in this competitive industry!

What do you think of our predictions? Do you agree or is there something missing you think should be here? Let us know in the comments section below!

infographic depicting ten ecommerce trends for this yeard seperated into blocks of yellow white red and blue


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