Incredible, Little Known Facts About The World’s Biggest Brands.

I Bet You Didn't Have A Clue About Half Of These...

I know I didn't! It's every business persons dream to end up even a fraction as successful as the companies listed in the info-graph below. Many of the brands have been around for a very long time, which just goes to show that you can't expect instant success.

Becoming successful and staying successful is such a rarity in the modern business world that we live in today. Many businesses come and go, some manage a few years and some not so long. So, how did these well established brands manage to stay successful?

My guess is they all had very clever marketing strategies and soon became family favourites. Another key to success is building together to create super strong brands. Take Apple, for example. Did you know that their number one competitor, Samsung, manufactures their retina display screens? Who'd have thought it!

Want to know what Twitter's bird is called? Yeah, that's right, the cute little bird actually has a name!

Infograph containing little known facts about peoples favourite brands


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