Ecommerce Website Design

Ecommerce Web Design

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Ecommerce is now a key part of any business that wishes to remain successful... 

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few years, you'll know just how popular online shopping has become. Businesses find themselves having a huge increase in online sales in comparison to their brick and mortar store... There are a number of reasons why...

Why choose to shop online?

Online shopping for most people is an incredibly easy, stress free option. If, like me, you're not much of a people person - the benefits of online shopping are fantastic. There's no walking round the shops all day to find what you like, no dragging your moaning partner around the shops with you either... Then there's no queuing, no dealing with rude shop assistants and no travel time to and from the shops either. You can buy pretty much anything at the click of a button now and it is brilliant! So, if you don't have an online shop in 2018 - you need to ask yourself why.

What's the difference between a standard website and an ecommerce website?

Generally, standard (brochure sites) company websites provide a basic overview of their company, including contact details and perhaps an option to request a quote/further details; you cannot purchase anything from these websites. Ecommerce websites incorporate a whole database of products, customers, orders and other features such as product information/search, order processing, payment systems and more.

Unlike brick and mortar stores; ecommerce sites need no physical stores. Which means no hiring of people to manage the store, no big rent fees and no worries about the maintenance of your property - which ultimately means higher profits as you have less overheads to fork out for.

Red Cloud Agency can help your business succeed online...

Every ecommerce website that Red Cloud Agency develops provides a unique and enjoyable experience for your customer. Red Cloud Agency understands the importance of eye-catching design along with a brilliantly functional website.

However, having a professional, fully-featured ecommerce site is simply not enough if you are serious about your success online. You will need to be able to market the website, attract new visitors and grow your customer base. Your site should be optimised for search engines, provide shopping product feeds to Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and it could even be integrated with affiliate programs to drive business and increase your sales.

Red Cloud Agency also integrates Google Analytics into our ecommerce projects which provides valuable information about your products, traffic, keywords, conversions, shopping cart abandonment and much more.


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