60 Useful SEO Statistics For 2018

What To Expect In 2018... SEO Statistics Explained!

SEO can seem like a great big confusing minefield to people that have little or no knowledge of the subject. Particularly since Mr Google is so unhelpful when it comes to offering direction as to where websites are going wrong with their search engine optimisation.

Have we used the correct headers? Are the website URL's SEO friendly? Are file names SEO friendly? Is the website regularly updated with fresh, new content? Is your keyword placement good enough? Does your website contain spammy links? SSL certificate? Considering Google AdWords to improve your ranking? Does your website contain broken links? Is your website user friendly? Is it a responsive web design? And the list goes on...

It really can seem just like a matter of trial and error in some cases. If you're struggling and feel like you could do with abit of advice, give the below infograph a read. It's full of useful statistics which could help improve your SEO. If you feel like you need a professional to help guide you along (or do it for you!) then don't hesitate to get in touch; our SEO wizards will get that ranking of yours improved for sure!

long infograph listing 60 seo statistics for 2018 2019


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