The Social Media Timeline

The Social Media Timeline - Key Dates, Big Changes & Important Milestones

There isn't one person in our office that hasn't seen the 2010 film The Social Network, which I guess isn't too surprising considering we're a bunch of internet fanatics! It's not just web design we're interested in, we love finding out how our favourite social media sites rose to fame and carried a huge amount of success with them. There seems to be alot of knowledge surrounding Facebook and it's story, but what about others? When did Twitter suddenly get so popular? How much was it sold for and to who? What about Instagram? I was shocked to read that Facebook bought it for 1 BILLION dollars back in April 2012; just think what it's worth now!

No matter how big or small your company is; social media will have a big part to play in it's success. In my many years of experience within the web design industry I have seen companies literally become an overnight success due to their clever marketing techniques and use of social media. If you haven't got an good presence within social media sites then you need to ask yourself why...

time line of big events in social media history


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