Our Top WordPress Plugins To Take Control Of Your SEO Rankings!

WordPress is one of the largest websites out there offering an easy to use content management system.

It’s simple interface has made hosting websites and blogs accessible to the masses. It’s not powering over 26% of the entire web!

Such a platform comes with an array of useful plugins to aid your site. These plugins allow for login features, marketing features and SEO features among many, many others.

Check Out Our Top SEO Plugins For WordPress Here!

1) Yoast

Yoast is a plugin which assess your content before you post. It uses a traffic light colour system to rate the optimisation of your posts.

This includes title length, readability, meta descriptions and slugs.

2) Google XML Sitemaps

A sitemap is an XML file which allows you to add further information to your page URLs.

This helps google rank them in terms of content and order of importance so that it may be possible to have more than one page of your site ranking on Google.

Google XML is a plug in which helps search engines understand the content of your site better and allows you to rate the pages priority.

3) Smush Image Compression And Optimisation

Images can both boost your page and set it behind depending how you use them.

Images can create interest and engage your audience, enticing them to delve further into your site. However, they can be heavy and slow down your site which in turn can damage your SEO ratings.

Smush is a plug in which automatically compresses your image uploads to their smallest or lightest possible form helping to keep your site speedy and your SEO optimal.

4) Broken Link Checker

Broken links are frowned upon by Goggle’s search bots. They show that your content may be irrelevant, outdated or not thought through.

Broken link checker is exactly as it sounds. It’s a plugin which automatically checks your links and alerts you to any broken or dead links across your site.

5) Redirection

Redirecting makes your site or pages within your site available via many different URLs.

This gives you a higher chance of having a ranking page.

The redirection plugin can help you manage your redirections and keep track of any 404 errors you may have. It creates a tidier site.

6) W3 Total Cache

A cache is a place to store something temporarily. It’s often used to speed up access time to your site.

W3 currently has over a million active installations and is completely free! It’s the best caching plugin in available on WordPress.

In Short…

WordPress plugins are there to make your site run smoother, successfully and your life generally easier.

Take full advantage of the variety available. Whether your goal is SEO or something else there will generally be a plugin to help.

infographic showing the top 6 best seo wordpress plugins on a white background weach example is distinguished with a red banner and a white number

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