7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website

Why You NEED A Website in 2018...

What is the first thing the majority of us do when we hear about a new product or a service that we're interested in? That's right, you guessed it - we Google them! Now, if you don't have any online presence at all this will massively put off potential customers. Why? Because in 2018 it is pretty much expected that every business is able to be found online. It's not just important for online sales conversions though, there are many more reasons why you should be online... People like to do their research, they like to look at reviews on both the company and the product, they like to look for opening times and store locations.

A Quick Summary If You Are Rushed For Time:

1. Your customers expect it, as mentioned above it is certainly expected in 2018.

2. It provides social proof; prospective customers will be able to read up about you online.

3. You control the narrative - you decide what text and images go on your website.

4. Your competitors all have company websites so you should too, get competitive.

5. Gone are the days of putting up the ‘closed for business’ sign, simply update online.

6. You will appear in Google (and other search engines) results.

7. You will have the ability to effectively showcase your products and services.

infograph explaining 7 reasons why you must have a website in 2018


The team here at Red Cloud Agency are eager, ready and waiting to help make your dream website a reality. Your website should be a true reflection on your brand or service, so make sure you high the best; this will boost visitors to your site and in turn seriously increase profits - now that's what we're talking about!

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