The Most Common Grammar Mistakes That Make You Look Silly

Grammatical Errors Can Affect Your Websites Credibility...

We have all seen examples of bad grammar; examples of bad grammar are everywhere you look - we simply can't avoid it! Open Facebook or Twitter and you'll be able to spot a grammatical error or two, reading graffiti in the loos will more than likely end up in you looking at several grammar errors, heck even in educational settings such as schools and universities you will spot errors! So it's no surprise to see these kind of mistakes all over the internet, on the websites you visit daily. Surely it can't just be me that notices these mistakes? And no, I'm not one of those grammar Nazis!

My pet hate is the misuse of their, they're and there. It's not rocket science to use them correctly in a sentence, examples below:

They're - They're going on holiday.

Their - Their suitcase is packed rather tightly.

There - There is the hotel that they're staying at, carrying their tightly packed suitcase.

See? It really isn't that hard to use these words correctly in a sentence is it? Continue reading to find out more about the most common grammar goofs that will make you look silly.

infograph outlining lots of types of grammatical errors


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