21 Outdated Website Features

Trends change so often it’s hard to keep up. If you’re not careful you could be left looking outdated. Check out our guide to outdated features below and give your site an over haul.

1) Flash Intros

They’re time consuming and slow your sites load speed. Both of these things are quite off-putting to users who just want to get on with it.

2) Not Visible On Mobiles Or Tablets

It’s 2018 tablets and smartphones are used for the majority of browsing. You’re just missing out on a potentially huge market by not optimising your site.

3) Spelling Mistakes And Poor Grammar

It looks lazy, almost every platform that allows you to write text has a built-in spell checker. Use It

4) Poor Navigation

Don’t leave your users confused as to how to get around your site. Chances are they won’t give it too much thought before heading off elsewhere.

5) Slow To Load

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting ages for a page to load and slowly watching outlines of images appear. Most users leave after around 3 seconds.

6) Animated GIFs

They look disruptive to your theme and ruin the aesthetic of your site. Your users probably don’t find them as funny as you do either as they’re so over used.

7) Visitor Counters

You’re taking up space on your page and adding to your load speed to show your users something they don’t need to see and most likely don’t care about.

8) Under Construction

Another unnecessary feature. If your site truly is under construction, it’s much more beneficial to leave your logo and contact details.

9) Cluttered Design

It’s distracting to your users to have hundreds of images and bodies of text in every nook and cranny. Information is much more digestible if its simple, clear and not cluttered together.

10) Pop Up Boxes

Nobody likes them. It’s frustrating to your users to have to keep crossing off boxes. If they’re spending time on your site, let them read your site, not a pop-up box.

11) Scrolling Text

There are much better ways to draw attention to text. Keep the content interesting and it won’t have to move around to grab your users attention.

12) Too Much Text

Keep it brief and clear. Too much text is off putting and unlikely to be read all the way through by a lot of your visitors. Try bullet points or lists.

13) Outdated Text

Keep everything up to date. If you’re still trading but no longer posting blogs don’t keep the same blog from three years ago featured anywhere.

14) Stock Images

Use your images to tell your visitors a bit about you, your article or your product. Stock images look lazy.

15) Outdated Fonts

This is a very small feature that can have a massive affect on your site. Have a look around at some fresh, new fonts to breath life into your page.

16) Free Email Service

Using a Hotmail or Gmail email account for your site looks unprofessional. Personalised emails are usually offered free with domain purchases. If not, splash out!

17) Repeating Background Images

Change it up a bit, make your images relevant t which ever page, article or product your user is on.

18) Auto Play Music

Myspace is dead. Don’t force noise down your users’ throats. If you have any relevant audio on your site, let your users choose to listen to it.

19) Sideways Scrolling

Optimise your site for all screen sizes. Not only is sideways scrolling to see an entire page annoying but users won’t get the full impact of the website you so lovingly crafted.

20) Sideways Alignment

It looks much better to view your site in the centre of a screen. Sideways alignment can make your user feel they are viewing a book.

21) Using Lorem Ipsum

If you have leftover dummy text, why? Your users will be confused as to the language they’re reading your site in. Get rid.

So, If you’re crafting a new site, be careful not to include these outdated features. If you’re trying to refresh your old site we hope our brief overview of outdated features has given you some ideas. Let us know what works for you in the comment box below, are you still using any of these features?


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