Mobile App Development

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Mobile App Development Based In The Heart Of London

Modern Consumers Use Their Smartphones & Tablets To Engage With Businesses Every Day. A Bespoke Mobile App Plays A Huge Role In Increasing This engagement.

Both Google Play and Apple’s App Store is home to over 2 million mobile Apps for consumers to download – EACH! And worldwide in excess of 130 BILLION Apps are downloaded annually proving how popular they are with the public.


Given the sheer volume of App use, alongside online activity via smartphone, can your business really ignore the statistics and market trends? Developing a mobile App is a proven way to increase both engagement with the public, and more importantly boosting conversions.

At Red Cloud Agency, our specialist App Development can design and create a mobile App for both Apple and Android users. The App is created to compliment your website, showcase your business and generate repeat conversions from customers.

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Joining The Digital Revolution

Consumer shopping habits have changed beyond recognition with more and more customers making purchases by Apps. By offering people the ability to download a dedicated App it builds trust in your brand, while also offering opportunities to connect directly with them vis notifications. Increasing your marketing opportunities and brand loyalty opportunities provide just one additional reason to invest in an App.

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Why Choose Red Cloud Agency?

At Red Cloud Agency, we have a dedicated team that work to design and develop bespoke mobile Apps that compliment your website. Whether you run an ecommerce store or wish to use an App to promote your brands latest news and releases – our highly skilled, experienced team can offer a solution that meets your needs.

We begin the App design process by ensuring all main functions are met so every consumer downloading your own App has their needs fulfilled. We then develop the branding structure to ensure that visually it is both enticing to users, and stands out in what is a crowded market place.

At the heart of every project we undertake at Red Cloud, is the determination to create a platform visitors will engage with, return to before ultimately converting into sales and profits. Our App Development Service is no different with our team ready today to help take your online presence to the next level.

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Responsive Web Design


All of the websites that we design, and build are multi device compatible; meaning that an optimal viewing experience is provided for your websites visitors. Which in turn also means less time spent zooming in and out, panning and scrolling; and more time looking at the important things on your website.

It also massively reduces the amount of people that leave the page due to it being poorly designed – all good reasons to invest in a web development company that provides responsive web design as standard.

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